Steps on Cleaning Windows

There are a lot of window cleaning solutions available in the market but watch out because there are some that may damage your windows. Since you want windows that last for a long time, you must clean it with natural solutions. This article will enable you to clean your windows naturally.

Step one is to gather your materials and tools. Here are the tools and materials needed: water, spray bottle, white vinegar, wiping cloths and towels. Vinegar is a basic kitchen ingredient and is not expensive. For the spray bottle, ensure it is cleaned but if it’s too dirty, then, better use a brand new, clean one. There is a big possibility that mirrors of windows may get stained due to the residue of past chemicals found in the used or old bottle.

Secondly, wipe your windows to remove dust, webs and other types of particles. Clean both interiors and exteriors. High windows need some help with ladders and long handled brooms.

Then, fill the spray bottle with one part vinegar and two parts water then shake the bottle gently. Spray solution onto glass surfaces both interior and exterior. But after you spray on one side of the window, you need to wipe it immediately to leave glossy effect on your windows.

Finally, rinse all your windows with water by using sponge or cloth so any residue will be removed. Do not use a hose to rinse windows, just small application of water. Dry your windows using a soft dry cloth.

So there are the steps on how to clean windows in a most natural way by using vinegar and water that is so natural in their basic form. Windows that are cleaned naturally will surely add well being to you and your family.

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