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Water Energy – Get Much Better Energy Economy and Save the Environment with H2o Gas

These days, it really is nearly impossible to go anywhere on the Web and not see advertisements for mineral water fuel technologies as an alternate to greater gas costs. Numerous people today merely dismissed such devices as impossible mad science; this response is reinforced by oil corporations and automotive businesses that for many years have maintained that this, and other forms of alternate energy, is years away from being produced on a mass scale. With gas rates certainly to exceed $5.00 per gallon inside the extremely near future, and go even higher, people today are scrambling to find workable alternatives,

Drinking Water Gasoline – Scam or Miracle?

When we hear about mineral water fuel right now we consider a automobile powered solely on h2o; Obvious enough. And although the larger automobile corporations are working to ideal an automobile to run on normal water alone, that technology is still far beyond the consumers reach. And it may well well remain that way for some years to come. That is why normal water gas, mineral water for gas, and other related terms are receiving the negative publicity that they undoubtedly do not deserve. With our economy in its present state as well as the continuing surge in fuel costs