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A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Reception Food

When it comes to your wedding reception there are some pretty major decisions that have to be made, and this includes what you are going to serve for food. There are lots of different types of food that you can have at your wedding, and it is pretty much entirely up to you what you decide to have, just make sure of a few things first. Casual or Formal? When you are trying to decide on your wedding reception food, there are a few things in particular that you are going to need to take into consideration. One of the

What to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception Décor

Wedding reception décor can make your wedding reception area look more beautiful. However, if you are not careful in planning your wedding reception décor, you might end up spending more money on your decorations than you can afford to. Remember that fresh flowers cost a lot of money these days and if you are planning to put a lot of these lovely things in your reception area, you can expect to dip into your pockets more than you should. To avoid emptying your pockets to pay for your wedding reception décor, you need to plan your wedding reception décor properly.